Dissecting a Spill

I was taking some photos of a vase tonight using colored water, a handheld flash and some . . . nonstandard equipment.  I inadvertently bumped the vase, nearly knocking it over.  In the next split-second as I watched the water slosh and spill over the mouth of the vase, the following thoughts ran through my head:

  • Rats!  That paper (backdrop) is ruined.
  • Ooh!  Sloshing water!  There might be a picture in this!
  • I will NOT let that paper die in vain!  (Seriously – I’m a bit twisted – that is word-for-word what I thought.)

I then reached for my camera and captured the spill shot seen here, which just begged for a bit of dissection.

** Click on the picture to see a larger version


Cloud Shots

Here’s another favorite subject of mine: clouds.  Then again, what is a cloud but a cluster of water drops?

View from Lava Butte, Oregon – 07/09/2012

Bush’s Pasture Park, Salem, OR – 09/23/2012

Morning Sky, Aumsville, OR – 09/27/2012

Clouds Over N. California Coast – 09/21/2012